Our Vision: building a purpose-driven economy that creates equity for all.

Together with small businesses, service providers, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and ecosystem partners SE-MSP is convening a cross-sector of changemakers dedicated to creating local and global impact. Starting in our own neighborhoods, we are activating and cultivating the field of social enterprise through community-building, educational opportunities and events, strategic partnerships, and impact legislation.

By actively building awareness and driving narrative change around social impact, we amplify the work of purpose-driven leaders, connect social enterprises with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed, and work to foster an ecosystem in which they can thrive.

Social Enterprise MSP has been the champion and catalyst for the development of the social enterprise sector in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul area for over 10 years.

We are rooted locally, with national and global connections, focused on supporting the work of our network of leaders and champions of impact in the region. Our partners:

Stories from MSP's social enterprise community:

When customers or people see what you are trying to do and they feel what you’re feeling … and they understand the impact that you are trying to create, they feel a sense of belonging and they want to contribute, they want be a part, and to help out in any capacity beyond just being a customer.

Dalton Outlaw


Our role as a connector:

Serving as a connection point for impact ecosystem leaders and service providers to connect with one another, we facilitate partnerships and collaborations, and align on regional strategies for meaningful global impact through Sustainable Development Goals.

By prioritizing the guiding vision and strategy of our region we are supporting aligned activities, data, and metrics to drive collective action to a purpose-driven economy.

By amplifying and elevating stories, ideas, and perspectives of diverse changemakers, we believe in putting local voices on a national stage can drive change from the bottom up.

By creating an accessible hub for changemakers, from small business owners to intrapreneurs in fortune 500 companies, nonprofit leaders to accelerator managers– we connect the MSP social impact to local and national resources, networks, and tools needed to thrive.

We are dedicated to building alliances with local, regional, and national partners to foster broad policy and system changes that best support the well-being and success of all social ventures.

THE #PurposeDrivenEconomy PLEDGE

We believe the approach of social enterprise (or social business) – the combination of earned income strategies with social purpose mission – effectively supported and applied can multiply and accelerate mission impact.
We believe working collaboratively to create the conditions for a thriving social enterprise ecosystem here in our region benefits all players, and the people we strive to serve.

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